+ Daniel Carter

MC 5317 Advanced Online Media: Schedule

Spring 2019, TTh 7:30 - 8:56pm, Old Main 106B
Office hours: OM 208 | M 3:20 - 5:00pm, T 5:30 - 6:30pm and by appointment

Date Description Due
T 1/22 Interaction Design Read Thoughtful Interaction Design Introduction (14 pages)
Th 1/24 Version Control, HTML and CSS Refresh  
T 1/29 Course Introduction: Code Read AIGA Manifesto Mania (warning: many broken links) and “What is Code?” through What’s With All These Conferences, Anyway?
Find and read a manifesto that you enjoy
Th 1/31 Javascript: Data Types and Variables Read Javascript for Kids, Chapters 1 and 2 (36 easy pages)
Complete Codecademy: Introduction to JavaScript
Design Manifesto
T 2/5 Design: Prototypes Read Emotional Design, Prologue (12 pages), Design Kit: Rapid Prototyping, Prototyping, Dunne and Raby’s Future Foragers
Reading Response
Th 2/7 Javascript: Arrays and Control Structures Complete Codecademy Control Structures and Arrays (through step 6)
Learning Journal
T 2/12 Design: Prototype Critiques Read Mindy Seu on making the things you want to see
Prototyping Project: Phase 1
Th 2/14 Javascript: Manipulating the DOM Read JavaScript and jQuery, Chapter 1 (42 pages) and Chapter 5, pp. 184 - 207 (23 pages)
Learning Journal
T 2/19 Design: Interaction and Narrative Read “Long Live the Group Chat”, “The internet, but not as know it”, “Building Nonlinear Narratives for the Web”
Optional: read Poor Millenials
Reading Response
Th 2/21 Javascript: Manipulating the DOM Read HTML Dog Forms and Accessible Forms, JavaScript and jQuery, Chapter 5, pp. 208 - end (34 pages)
Learning Journal
T 2/26 Design: Prototype Critiques Prototyping Project: Phase 2
Th 2/28 Javascript: jQuery JavaScript and jQuery, Chapter 7 (74 pages)
Learning Journal
T 3/5 Design: Models and Inspirations Reading Response
Th 3/7 Javascript: Animation Learning Journal
Th 3/14 Javascript: Animation Learning Journal
T 3/26 Project Critiques  
Th 3/28 Introduction to Data Read The death of interactive infographics? and Dear Data
Reading Response
T 4/2 NO CLASS Interaction Project
Th 4/4 Javascript: Introduction to Visualization  
T 4/9 Javascript: Plotly  
Th 4/11 Javascript: Plotly  
T 4/16 Javascript: Plotly Learning Journal
Th 4/18 NO CLASS Data Project
T 4/23 Final Project Proposals  
Th 4/25 Work Day  
T 4/30 Work Day  
Th 5/2 Wrap-up Reading TBA
W 5/15 NO CLASS Final Project Design Manifesto