+ Daniel Carter

Project 1: Student Bio

For your first project, you’ll be creating a simple personal site that describes who you are and what you do.

Learning Objectives


  1. Your site needs to include at least three pages. One page should be a portfolio that can eventually include links to your assignments for the course. Include at least one portfolio item to start with.
  2. Remix the class’s project in Glitch. Add your content and make significant changes to the HTML content.
  3. Your site should include:
    • a <ul> for your menu.
    • at least one image.
    • at least one link to an external site.
    • your email address, linked using mailto:, like we talked about in class.
  4. Upload your files to your server. The main page of your site should be named index.html. I should be able to access your site at www.yourdomain.com.
  5. Post a link to your project in #general.

Grading Rubric

Coding contains few errors and reflects concepts learned in class 10