+ Daniel Carter

Project 2: Multimedia Profile

For your second project, you’ll use web design and multimedia skills to enhance a journalistic profile — an article that describes a person.

Learning Objectives


  1. Choose a person to profile. This should be someone you can meet with for interviews and who will let you take photos and video of them. Think about people who do things that can be communicated visually.
  2. Spend some time getting to know your subject. Talk with them, take pictures and shoot video.
  3. Write a 900-1200 word profile, keeping in mind the conventions and strategies we’ve discussed in class. As you write, plan how you will use multimedia to enhance your profile.
  4. Remix the class’s Bootstrap project in Glitch. Add your writing and multimedia elements and make significant changes to the design.
  5. Your site must include:
    • 900-1200 words of text.
    • at least one video. The features of the video are up to you, but you should be able to justify why your decision makes sense.
    • creative use of images.
    • your contact information.
  6. Additionally, your site should be responsive and should demonstrate significant thought in customizing the content for different screens.
  7. Create a folder on your server and upload your project. Include a link to your project in your portfolio and also post a link to #general so others can see your work.

Grading Rubric

Writing is clear and reflects principles learned in class. 10
Multimedia assets reflect principles learned in class and are used effectively. 20
Coding contains few errors and reflects principles learned in class. Design shows significant work. 20