+ Daniel Carter

Learning Journal

A learning journal is intended to help you reflect on how you learn and what you need to improve.


  1. Conceptualize a small project that uses skills we’re learning in class. This can be as simple as making yourself practice a certain kind of CSS selector for an hour. Or you might produce a small, functional example like a menu that’s generated from JSON. You might also produce a learning guide that teaches a skill, if that helps you learn.
  2. Document your project using screenshots or any other technique that makes sense.
  3. Write a short reflection that describes: your goal, what you did, what went well, what you would do differently and what you should work on going forward.
  4. Post your learning journal to Slack.

Grading Rubric

Project addresses skills learned in class 10
Reflection shows thought and indicates how you will continue to improve 10
Journal shows improvement over the semester 10