Daniel Carter

carter.daniel.w@gmail.com @hobartgobart

Research & Teaching

I'm an assistant professor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Texas State University. I teach courses on web design and development; user experience research and design; and data analysis and visualization.

My research broadly falls within the area of sociotechnical systems. I study ways that social things shape technical things while technical things simultaneously shape social things.

I do a lot of mixed method work, combining interviews and observations with large-scale data collection, visualization and statistical and computational analysis.

Recent articles include:

Otherwise, Google Scholar is here and my C.V. is here.

Since 2016, I've been active with the iSchool Inclusion Institute, where I mentor teams of undergraduate researchers. In 2020, my students won the best poster award at the iConference.

I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Ph.D. in Information Studies.

Coding & Development

I've worked as a web developer since 2007, when I began my career at the Texas Observer. I write front-end and back-end code and am especially interested in data modeling projects that are closely tied to user research and organizational needs.

Projects I've worked on recently:

A sample Django-based project is here, and some older Javascript-based visualization work is here.

Etc. & Etc.

I design and build custom furniture.

I draw and color and make things.

In 2020 I won the Smallest File Award at the Small File Media Festival (hosted at Simon Frasier University) for my 283kb HTML and CSS version of the Star Trek: Voyager opening credits.

In 2017 I wrote for The Outline about Kim Stanley Robinson's science fiction and the struggle to find hope on a dying planet and the most depressing side of the gig economy.

I built a generative grammar that invents island-themed slogans and an interactive puzzle book based on Gertrude Stein's Tender Buttons.

In 2011 my poetry chapbook, Here Both Sweeter won the Wick Chapbook Contest and was published by Kent State University Press. Other old poems are floating around the internet.

I was also a judges' favorite in the 50 Watts Polish Book Cover contest that year.

In 2005 I built an online board game that you played by posting to Twitter.

In 2004 I worked as the design-build apprentice for an architect in Austin.